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Literary Salon & Radical Haberdashery *  Satire, Unpop Culture, Revolution | Hedonism, Heresy, Radical Philology

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It contains selections from Rhyme or Treason, Perils of Free Thought, Drugs, Sex & Bicycling, and Bouquet of Thorns.

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Vision? Nary! a publisher of humor/satire, fiction, non-fiction and an organization that foments revolution.

Our mission statement is the gloriously confusing:

“A thought-provoking and august publisher of socio-political views and strategic planning, open to skilled free-lancers and professional journalists alike; featuring nude and semi-nude photos of men and women engaged actively in socio-political or neo-patrician thought.”

Or this bastardized statement we lifted from The Masses:

“A Revolutionary and not a Reform Publisher; A Publisher with a Sense of Humor and no Respect for the Respectable; Frank, Arrogant, Impertinent, searching for the True Causes; A Publisher directed Against Rigidity and Dogma wherever it is Found.”

We are irregular- just like you.

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